Heather Jamieson, Ph.D.

Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, School of Environmental Studies

Miller Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario Canada K7L 3N6
Office: Miller 304, BioSciences 3132
1 (613) 533-6181 
1 (613) 533-6592 
Email: jamieson@geol.queensu.ca
Heather Jamieson grew up in Noranda, Quebec and is now a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. She also holds an appointment and teaches courses in the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s. Her expertise is in the area of environmental geochemistry, particularly the mineralogical controls on the mobility of metals and metalloids (notably arsenic) in mine waste and the application of synchrotron-based X-ray experiments and other microanalytical methods to metal speciation in mine tailings, soils, sediments and household dust.  Much of her fieldwork is in the Canadian Arctic but she has also conducted research in Nova Scotia, California, Montana, Spain and Australia.
  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Mineralogy of mine tailings
  • Mineral fluid reactions
  • soil metal contamination
Drilling mine tailings
Containment facility
Measuring pH
Collecting acid drainage
Sampling soil
Sampling mine tailings

Recent publications (student and postdocs noted in bold)

  • Miller, C.B., Parsons, M.B., Jamieson, H.E., Galloway, J.M., Patterson, R.T. (2016) Geochemical baselines and metal(loid) mobility in a changing northern climate: Courageous-Mackay Lake Greenstone Belt, Slave Geological Province, NWT.  Poster presented at the Yellowknife Geoscience Forum, November 15-17, 2016. View poster.
  • Radková, A, Jamieson, H.E., Lalinská-Voleková, B., Majzlan, J., Števko, M., Chovan, M. 2015. Mineralogical controls on antimony mobility during tetrahedrite-tennantite weathering at historic mine sites Špania Dolina-Piesky and Ľubietov́a-Svätodušná, Slovakia. Submitted to American Mineralogist.
  • Purdy-Lussier C.J.K., Jamieson H.E. 2015. Rare earth element mobility from mine tailings. Environmental Science and Technology. Accepted subject to revisions.
  • DeSisto, S.L., Parsons, M.B., Jamieson, H.E. 2015. Vertical Variations in Arsenic Hosts Following Long term Weathering of Gold Mine Tailings. Applied Geochemistry. Accepted subject to revisions.
  • Clyde, E.J., Champagne P, Jamieson, H.E., Gorman, C., Sourial, J., 2015. The use of a Passive Treatment System for the Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage at the Williams Brother Mine, CA: Pilot-Scale Study. Journal for Cleaner Production. Accepted subject to revisions.
  • Stavinga, D.B., Jamieson, H.E., Paradis, S., Falck, H. 2015. Geochemical and Mineralogical Controls on Metal(loid) Mobility in the Oxide Zone of the Prairie Creek Deposit, NWT. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis. Submitted.
  • Skeries, K., Day, S., Falck, H., Paradis, S., Jamieson, H.E. 2015. Geochemical and Mineralogical Controls on Metal Dispersion in Streams and Sediments in the Prairie Creek District, NWT. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis. Submitted.
  • Castillo, F., Avalos-Borjac, M., Villalobose, M., Jamieson, H., Hernández-Barcenasa, G., Martínez-Villegas, N. 2015. Identification of diagenetic calcium arsenates using synchrotron-based micro X-ray diffraction. Boletín de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana. Accepted
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