Dumais Simon Dumais, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering 
Royal Military of College Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston, ON K7K 7B4, Canada
Office: S2418
Email: simon.dumais@rmc.ca

Dr. Dumais is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Royal Military College, in Kingston, Ontario. Simon received his B.Ing. in Civil Engineering, as well as his M.Sc. (high albedo surfaces for mitigation of permafrost degradation), and Ph.D. (large-strain thaw consolidation modelling) at Université Laval. Dr. Dumais is a member of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and the Canadian Permafrost Association.

Dr. Dumais is interested in cold regions and permafrost geotechnical engineering, frozen and thawing soil mechanics, as well as, pavement and road engineering. He has been working on the thermal and mechanical behaviour of transportation embankments built on permafrost and the adaptation of their design to climate change. He is also interested in investigating the basic mechanics of thawing soils to develop practical solutions for the evaluation of existing infrastructure affected by thawing and the design of new infrastructure. Dr. Dumais’s research uses a combination of numerical modelling and in‑situ monitoring of infrastructure. Dr. Dumais has worked in the field on the Alaska Highway in Yukon, the Inuvik-to-Tuktoyaktuk Highway in the Northwest Territories, and in Nunavik, Northern Quebec. 

- Cold regions and permafrost geotechnical engineering

- Thaw consolidation

- Mechanical and structural behavior of roads built on permafrost

- Effect of climate change on infrastructure in the Canadian Arctic

- Geotechnical numerical modelling (thermal and mechanical)

- In-situ monitoring of transportation infrastructure

Journal Articles

Dumais, S. et Konrad, J.M. (2018) Large strain thaw consolidation analysis of the Inuvik warm-oil experimental pipeline buried in permafrost. Journal of Cold Regions Engineering, 33(1), Editor’s choice. https://doi.org/10.1061/(ASCE)CR.1943-5495.0000179

Dumais, S. et Konrad, J.M. (2018) One-dimensional large-strain thaw consolidation using nonlinear effective stress – void ratio – hydraulic conductivity relationships. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 55(3): 414-426, Editor’s Choice. https://doi.org/10.1139/cgj-2017-0221.

Dumais, S. et Doré, G. (2016) An albedo-based model for the calculation of pavement surface temperatures in permafrost regions. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 123: 44-52. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.coldregions.2015.11.013

Conference Publications

Iwama, M., Dumais, S., Richard, C., Lemieux, C. et Doré, G. (2018) Application of high-albedo surfacing material to mitigate permafrost degradation. XVth International Winter Road Congress. February 20-23, Gdansk, Poland.

Dumais, S. and Konrad, J.-M. (2016) Compressibility and hydraulic conductivity of thawed fine-grained permafrost. 11th International Symposium on Cold Regions Development. May 18-20, Incheon, Korea.

Dumais, S. and Doré, G. (2015) Surface temperatures calculation method for high albedo road surfacing used for the mitigation of permafrost degradation. GéoQuébec 2015, 7th Canadian Conference on Permafrost. September 20-23, Quebec City, Canada.

Dumais, S. and Konrad, J.-M. (2015) Laying the foundations for the development of an extension to the theory of thaw consolidation. Cold Regions Engineering. July 19-22, Salt Lake City, USA: pp. 78-89.