Past Graduate Students


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abdel-Mohsen, Shahynaz Simulation of salt water intrusion in costal aquifer MASc M. Tetreault & M. Hulley (RMC)
abdel Razek, Ahmed t.b.d. Phd Rowe/Brachman
Abootalebi, Pedram t.b.d. MSc G. Siemens
Adebola, T. Service life of cured in place polymer liners PhD I. Moore & N. Hoult
Ashe, Lauren t.b.d. MSc K. Rowe, A. Take & R. Brachman
Awad, Ramy t.b.d. PhD K. Rowe


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Baird, Alan t.b.d. PhD S. McKinnon
Bailey, Brennan t.b.d. MSc J. Hutchinson
Bentley, Michael   MSc A. Take
Berg, Nancy t.b.d. PhD A. Take
Bosse, Maxime Direct shear testing of transparant granular soil MASc R. Bathurst (RMC)
Branscombe, Laura t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Brown, Mike Polymer liners for repair of buried waterpipes PhD I. Moore and A. Fam (Ker-Train Research Inc., Kingston)
Brunton, Dale t.b.d. MASc A. Take & G. Siemens (RMC)
Buckwalter-Davis, Martha application of automated mineralogy to mine waste MSc H. Jamieson
Burdett, Shawn Subsurface wetlands MASc M. Hulley (RMC)
Bubar, Andrew  t.b.d. MSc H. Jamieson


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Arvalho-Maia, J.A. t.b.d. PhD M. Diederichs
Chong, Andrew Reliability analyses of facing connection and block shear in reinforced soil walls MASc R. Bathurst (RMC)
Crockford, A. Large Cavern Design in Heterogeneous Sandstones in Sydney Australia MSc N. Vlachopoulos (RMC) and M. Diederichs
Cruz, Daniel t.b.d. MASc N. Vlachopoulos


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Dadashzadeh, Neda t.b.d. PhD I. Moore & N. Hoult
Day, Jennifer   MASc J. Hutchinson & M. Diederichs
de la Concha, Tony MSc A. Take
de Sisto, Stephanie Mobility of arsenic and lead in hardpans in gold mine tailings PhD H. Jamieson
Di Battista, Vanessa t.b.d. MSc K. Rowe
Douglas, Martin Landslide runout using transparent soil MASc G. Siemens (RMC) and A. Take
Dunlop, Stephen t.b.d. MSc J. Hutchinson


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Elias, Alex   MSc A. Take
El-Jaat, Majda artificial neuval network for forecasting ground water quality in select municipal water supplies in Florida PhD M. Hulley& M. Tetreault (RMC)
Eldesouky, Hesham t.b.d. PhD R. Brachman
Elliot, T. t.b.d. MSc J. Hutchinson (Waterloo)
Elmhirst, Laura t.b.d. MSc K. Novakowski
Ewais, Amr Long-term performance of geomembranes PhD R.K. Rowe
Ezzein, Fawzy a transparent sand for geotechnical laboratory modeling PhD R. Bathurst (RMC)


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Forbes, Bradley MSc N. Vlachopoulos (RMC) & M. Diederichs
Francey, William t.b.d. MSc K. Rowe


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Gillies, Bradley   MSc A. Take
Goldberg, Rebecca t.b.d. MES H. Jamieson
Ghazvinion, Ehsan t.b.d. MSce M. Diederichs
Grell, Stephanie t.b.d. MSc K. Novakowski


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Haitao, Lan t.b.d. MSc I. Moore
Hannon, Chris t.b.d. MSc A. Take
Haririakbari, Aidin t.b.d. MSc I. Moore
Hashemi, Amir Characteristics of filter cakes formed during directional drilling MSc I. Moore
Hegele, Paul t.b.d. MSc K. Mumford
Holt, Stephen t.b.d. MASc N. Vlachopoulos
Hosney, Mohamed Factors affecting the long-term performance of geosynthetic clay liners PhD R.K. Rowe
Hume, Colin t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs


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Inculet, Clayton Effect of varying groundwater flow direction on interpretation of plume data MSc B. Kueper and DR. Gerhard (Western)
Irwin, Katherine t.b.d. MASc G. Fotopoulos


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Jacobs, Emily Centrifuge Modelling Of Instability In Granular Soils Under Infinite Slope Conditions MSc A. Take
Jaczkowski, Eric t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Javankhoshdel, Sina Probabilistic design of unreinforced and reinforced slopes PhD R. Bathurst (RMC)
Jones, Daniel PCB Diffusion through HDPE geomembranes, and related projects MASc K. Rowe
Joshi, Prabeen Effectiveness of overlapped GCL seams in a composite liner system PhD K. Rowe


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Kalenchuk, Katherine Geomechanical Assessment of Dilution Potential for Sublevel Caving at Ekati Diamond Mine: Case Study and Generalized Approach MSc M. Diederichs
Kennedy, Cara Objective analysis on the efficacy of LiDAR and photogrammetry for rock slope hazard assessment for linear transportation corridors MSc J. Hutchinson & M. Diederichs
Khader, Omar t.b.d. PhD K. Novakowski
Kimball, Bryn t.b.d. PhD H. Jamieson
Kingswood, John TBC Centrifuge modelling of swelling clays MASc G. Siemens
Kozuskanich, John t.b.d. PhD K. Novakowski
Kromer, Ryan Characterization and monitoring of complex rock slopes using terrestrial LiDAR and photogrammetry MSc J. Hutchinson


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Laidlow, Allison Natural attenuation of U and REE downstream from remediated U tailings MSc H. Jamieson
Lan, Haitao Losss of drilling mud due to hydrofracture during directional drilling PhD I. Moore
Langford, C. Tunnel Squeezing and Support in Weak Rock Masses of the European Alpine Region MSc N. Vlachopoulos (RMC) and M. Diederichs
Leblanc, Jean Marc t.b.d. MSc R. Brachman
Leriche, Andrew t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Li, Tikang Understanding factors affecting hydraulic performance of GCL's PhD K. Rowe
Lim, Bee Fong Swelling behaviour of natural and compacted soils PhD G. Siemens (RMC)
Logan, Andrew t.b.d. MSc B. Kueper
Luo, N. t.b.d. PhD R. Bathurst (RMC)
Lyle, Ryan a Framework for Landslide Hazard Mapping in Areas of Discontinuous Permafrost MSc J. Hutchinson


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Mah, Jason t.b.d. PhD Samson and S. McKinnon
Mai, V. Effect of erosion voids on deteriorated metal culverts PhD I. Moore & N. Hoult
Manoukian, Lori t.b.d. MSc H. Jamieson
Martin, Eric Electrical resistance heating in heterogeneous porous media MSc B. Kueper and K. Mumford
McKenzie, Brendan t.b.d. MSc R. Brachman
McKnight-Whitford, Heidi t.b.d. MSc Lake, Dalhousie and A. Take
Miller, Garrett t.b.d. MSc Mulligan and A. Take
Morsy, Mohamed t.b.d. PhD K. Rowe
Moumin, Afaf t.b.d. MSc D. Chenaf
Munholland, Jonah t.b.d. MSc B. Kueper


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Nash, Tyler Mineralogy and toxicity of As-rich sediments near Giant Mine, Yellowknife MSc H. Jamieson
Ni, Pengpeng analysis of buried pressure pipes under differential ground motion PhD I. Moore & A. Take


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Ocay, Barry Evaluation on the interaction between gfeomembrane and GCLs with emphasis on factors affecting interface transmissivity PhD K. Rowe
O'Connor, Shaun t.b.d. Msc R. Harrap & M. Dierichs
Oke, Jeffrey Optimization of Temporary Support Structures Relating to Weak Rock Masses (NSERC) PhD M. Diederichs and N. Vlachopoulos (RMC)
Ondercin, Matthew t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs & R. Harrap
Opio, Faith arsenic speciation in smelter residues PhD H. Jamieson and J. Peacey


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Palleske, Cortney t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Paraskevopoulou, Chrysothemis t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs and N. Vlachopoulos (RMC)
Peidou, Athina assessing the impact of landslides in satellite gravity field data MASc G. Fotopoulos
Perras, Matthew The nature of excavation damage in carbonate and mudrock lithologies: Mechanics, impact, and engineering control PhD M. Diederichs
Peter, Jane Effect of erosion voids on sewer and culverts PhD I. Moore & N. Hoult
Pitts, Michelle t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Plourde, Richard t.b.d. MSc K. Novakowski & P. Champagne
Powell, Suzanne The Existence and Formation of Softened Zones in Overconsolidated Materials PhD V. Remenda
Praamsma, Titia Nutrient Application over a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer PhD K. Novakowski
Purdy, Colin Mobility of REE at Thor Lake, NWT MSc H. Jamieson


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Qin, X. Development of erosion voids beside leaking seweers PhD I. Moore


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Ruel, Melissa t.b.d. MSc J. Hutchinson


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Sabir, Ali assessment of physical issues related to the service life of high-density polyethylene geomembranes PhD R. Brachman
Saheli-Taghizadeh, Pooneh Transport of contaminants emerging of concern through geomembranes and GCL's PhD R.K. Rowe
Schauerte, Morgan t.b.d. PhD K. Novakowski
Sills, L.A. Vapour intrusion in transparent soil MASc K. Mumford and G. Siemens (RMC)
Shoaib, Mohamad t.b.d. PhD R.K. Rowe
Shojib, Mahmudul t.b.d. MSc K. Mumford
Sills, Lee-Ann t.b.d. MSc K. Mumford & G. Siemens (RMC)
Singh, Vijay t.b.d. MSc H. Jamieson
Skeries, Kristina Metal dispersion in Arctic alpine environments MSc H. Jamieson
Smith, Reid t.b.d. MSc K. Novakowski
Snelling, Paige t.b.d. MSc Godin, S. McKinnon
Snyder, James t.b.d. MSc J. Archibald


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Tabiatnejad, Bardia Influence of porewater chemistry in unsaturated high plastic soils PhD G. Siemens (RMC) and S. Siddiqua (UBC)
Tetrealt, J. Performance of deteriorated metal culverts repaired with liners MSc I. Moore & N. Hoult
Thompson, Justin t.b.d. MSc J. Archibald
Trimper, Shawn The Study of Recharge Mechanisms in fractured rock aquifers PhD K. Novakowski


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Vallejos, Javier t.b.d. PhD S. McKinnon
Van den Berghe, Martin t.b.d. MSc H. Jamieson
Van der Pouw Kraan, Michelle t.b.d. MSc J. Hutchinson, M. Diederichs
Vazaios, Ioannis t.b.d. MSc N. Vlachopoulos (RMC)
Villeneuve, Marl&#232ne Examination of Geological Influence on Machine Excavation of Highly Stressed Tunnels PhD J. Hutchinson, M. Diederichs and P. Kaiser (Laurentian Univ.)


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Walton, Gabe t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs
Wang, D. Use of non destructive testing to characterise condition of buried pipes MASc I. Moore & N. Hoult
Warren, Bart Mineral processing and environmental impact PhD H. Jamieson
Waud, Ryan Geomembrane and geosynthetic clay liner protection on slopes MASc R. Brachman
Weinhardt, Klaus t.b.d. MSc M. Diederichs & J. Hutchinson
Wheeler, Lisa t.b.d. PhD N. Hoult & A. Take
White, Maureen assessing the Effect of Chalk Weathering on the Stability of WWI Excavations, Canadian National Memorial Site, Vimy, France MSc J. Hutchinson
Wolinsky, Eric Seasonal Moisture Cycle Induced Failure in Clay Slopes MSc A. Take
Wu, Di   MSc A. Take


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Yang, Fan   MSc K. Novakowski


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Zhang, Robyn   MSC B. Sleep (Univ of TO) & K. Mumford