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David is a Geotechnical Engineer with over 20 years of practical experience. David completed special studies of in situ testing techniques in part fulfullment of the requirements for his M. Eng. degree at the University of British Columbia. He has specialized in the use of the cone penetrometer. During recent years he has been closely involved in the design and development of the seismic cone and the resistivity cone, as well as various types of SPT energy calibration. He has carried out numerous piezocone and seismic piezocone investigations, both commercial and research oriented. He has worked from coast to coast in both Canada and the United States, both on shore and off shore. Investigations have included foundation failures, frozen layers in a tailings dam, the character of spray ice islands, dredging studies, seismic wave studies, liquefaction potential analyses and standard geo-environmental site investigations. David has conducted numerous site investigations in Canada’s arctic, including designing and building specialized lightweight Cpt systems for heli-transportable projects in permafrost environments.

Prior to starting ConeTec David acquired considerable experience in geotechnical engineering and practical underground mining. He has organized and implemented a wide variety of site investigations for projects of all types from feasibility purposes to monitoring and failure studies. He has a solid background in foundation engineering obtained from extensive involvement in the development of HEAVY INDUSTRIAL PLANTS, MARINE TERMINALS, and BRIDGES. His experience in the geotechnical aspects of mining include TUNNEL DESIGN, TUNNEL DEWATERING, ROCK SLOPE STABILIZATION, ROCK BOLTING and SHOTCRETING.


B. Sc. (Civil Engineering) Queen's University, Kingston, 1978

M. Eng. (Soil Mechanics) University of British Columbia, 1986


Association of Professional Engineers, of British Columbia
Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS)
Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)
Vancouver Geotechnical Society (VGS)

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