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Collaborative Project on the Long-Term Performance of Barrier Systems


Queen’s-RMC Professors:

Dr. Kerry Rowe (team leader)
Dr. Richard Brachman
Dr. Andy Take
Dr. Greg Siemens
Dr. Allison Rutter

Collaborating Professors:

Dr. Denis O’Carroll, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Grace Hsuan, Drexel University, USA
Dr. Qingguo (Jack)Huang, University of Georgia, USA
Dr. Elijah Petersen, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Dr. Abbas El-Zein, University of Sydney, Australia
Dr. Malek Bouazza, Monash University, Australia
Dr. Dali Naidu Arnepalli, IIT Madras, Chennai, India
Dr. Mohammed Rayhani, Carleton University, Ottawa

Post Doctoral Fellows:

Dr. Rebecca McWatters

Current Queen’s PhD  Students:
Fady Abdel Aal, Ramy Awad, Melissa Chappel, Amr Ewais, Mohamed Hosney, Dan Jones, Prabeen Joshi, Pooneh Saheli and Mohamad Shoaib

Past Queen’s PhD  Students:
Khaled Abdelatty, Simon Dickinson, Simon Gudina, Azadeh Hoor, Zahirul Islam, Rebecca McWatters, Santosh Rimal and Ali Sabir.

Past University of Sydney PhD Student:
Farzad Azad

Current Queen's MSc Students:
Lauren Ashe, Huma Irfan, Amy Rentz and Ashley Verge

Past Queen's MSc Students:
Ryley Beddoe and Laura Bostwick

Undergraduate Students:
Sudir Kumar Pathak, IIT Kanpur, India;  Abhishek Sharma IIT Rorkee, India; Sébastien Huard, University of Laval, Canada.

Jeff Kemp, Alex Lai, Valerie Latour, Chen Liang, Heather Munro, Torrie Smith, and Lindsay Osborne, Queen’s University, Canada.

Technical support:
Brett Muller
Cory Mitchell


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